There’s No Place Like Home

  It’s been a challenging Advent this year. My oldest has been sick for eleven days now. It’s been a balancing act of caring for those at home and caring for others.  

I’ve canceled so many plans these past weeks. It’s been disheartening at Christmas. We have worked hard to make the best of it. All the kids have helped prep advent for each day. Most of the time, I’ve taken the other 2 out for an Advent run. 

   Today we decided to not reschedule our plans. The younger two and I set off to French Lick to have lunch with my mom and grandma. It was simply delightful, but we missed Lauren and wished she could have been there. It was a “pay for the car behind you” kind of day. It’s always fun to see the face of the person who’s taking the money. They are usually stunned and encouraged all at the same time. I imagine what it’s like for them when the next car pulls up and they say that their order is paid for. We always get honked at.

So, back to French Lick. West Baden is so beautiful. We walked the circle of shops and took lots of photos with the gorgeous larger-than-life decorations. We had lunch near the giant Christmas tree and smiled as Great-Grandma went on and on about how “Be-YOU-tiful it all was.   

 We said our good-byes after lunch, but the girls and I went over to the French Lick hotel to have a quick look around. We were in for a bigger adventure than we expected. We looked through the foyer and decorations there. We rode the escalator, twice. Right as we were walking out the front door to leave, my phone went off with a severe thunderstorm warning. I started to check the radar, but the pounding rain came in an instant and sent us scurrying back inside! We found a comfy couch so I could assure Ella that it would all be okay; just in time for the power to go out. I calmly REassured the girls that it would blow over quickly and that we were safe in this big hotel! The power returned and we decided to have a look at the bowling alley. Just as we entered the stairwell, the fire alarm went off! The nerves of my children hung in the balance. An announcement came over the speakers declaring a fire in the building and everyone was to evacuate into the pouring rain.  I pulled out the umbrella and decided water was a much better option than fire. We stomped through puddles and made it to the truck!

Still a little stressed, we breathed a sigh of relief as we pulled away. I called to check in on things at home but had to end the call because all the tornado sirens in town started going off.  I’m scouring the skyline and trying to decide what to do, all while smiling at the girls and announcing, “What an adventure this has become!” They agreed as we drove over a tree that had fallen across the road. Thank goodness for the Tahoe.  

 Needless to say, we pulled into the driveway an hour later, hugged Jason and Lauren and asked for a movie night!  

It was a beautiful day spent out with extended family. We made great memories, but there really is no place like home.  

Even if you’re trying to find your balance, remember small love always adds up. So, Love God & Whoever He Puts In Front Of You!  

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