An Open Letter To The Transgender In My Town

Good Morning, we are both waking up to a cloudy, bird-chirping, spring filled day here in our town. I was born here and have seen many changes in my forty years. Yesterday began a possible new trend. Your transgender community will be able to use whichever bathroom they associate with. I can’t see the sun rising because of the clouds this morning. Honestly, it fits the fog in mind perfectly.

I have sincere questions for you. Does this new invitation from our local retailer bless you? I’m trying to put myself in your shoes and gain any understanding towards the infringement being made on my own family because here’s the deal, I really do care about you. It seems that you have spent years being forced to abide by a standard that has caused you pain and maybe even shame.  I’ve felt that in my life too.

As a child, I lived in a world that did not understand my plight. Instead of those around me helping me, they ignored me, misunderstood me or shamed me. My foundation has needed many repairs over the years, but freedom has always been the most welcome guest to my story.

So, this morning we wake up to a predicament. Your new found freedom has infringed upon my freedom. I can no longer freely send my daughters into the public restroom without me. Since my children range in age from 8-13, I guess you’ve just called my bluff in parenting. It’s always been my job to help protect my kids from perceived harm. The truth is, I’ve gotten lazy. I’m demanding an old school idea of safety on society.

There still seems to be more at stake here. Even if I gently lay aside my personal convictions that God doesn’t make mistakes, that your perfectly assigned anatomy should match your association because male and female are equally beautiful in design. Even still, there is a loss of the sacred nature of our ladies and men’s rooms. It’s a separation that finds itself ancient in practice.

Maybe this is not the battle I want to fight, though many are using the tactic of fear to shake my moral compass and awake the mother bear inside of me. So much fight to walk in and close a door of isolation to gain acceptance? So, how do we overcome the awkwardness that greets us at the restroom sink? Here’s my plan of attack, I will greet you with a smile and probably ask you how your day is going. Not because I agree with you, but because I believe freedom matters. You matter to me.

There is one stone to turn before we begin our day. Please hear that there are a lot of sick people in this world of ours. They range from the pedophile to the religious pompous ass. These really attack the fibers of our relationship. I’m afraid that some sick guy is going to try and assault my daughter in a public restroom. I imagine you fear the pious who will extoll their judgment on you with an assuming look and verbal stabs. Sometimes calling it what it is helps us all to be a little freer.

Here’s my own invitation to my fellow transgender citizen. Can we be friends? I will try hard to honor you in the public square. Could you help keep an eye out for perpetrators if I’m not around? I’ll continue to work on trusting that God that I’m so committed to. If by chance, I’m having a bad day, please don’t take my silence personally. Let’s both commit to not skipping the communal hand washing moments because we both know, that’s just bad hygiene.

Thanks for letting me work that out for myself. See you soon.

Love God And Whoever He Puts In Front Of You.


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