The Benefits of Busy

December has begun and it feels like we should be entering August, but here we are. The start of the countdown to Christmas. Our schedule is still in full swing here and it doesn’t allow much time for extras. So, the challenge of serving and loving others is before us!

Our days are packed right now. We’ve been handed some extras in life and I feel the scale tipping weekly. Amidst the busy, something happened last night that opened my eyes to the importance of loving and serving others intentionally; my girls beat me to the first Advent.

I walked upstairs to Christmas signs and “You’re the best” signs. Under my pillow, there were three cards, one from each of them. They told me how wonderful I was, wrote me poems and drew me pictures. Here’s the thing, I freaked out on them today because I was so stressed. I was so hard on one that I made her cry. They needed help with some school and I didn’t get to it. Dinner was some kind of throw together random mess. It was a serious mom-fail kind of day, but advent has taught them to be kind. It’s taught them to serve others when they aren’t at their best. Thank goodness for Advent!

I tell you this for two reasons. One, because even in the busy, you really can find a way to serve and love others. Your kindness will add up and it will matter. It’s worth the stress and the work, I promise. Secondly, you’re going to see pictures of us every day for awhile. It’s going to appear that we have it together. Trust me, it’s a polished, grace-filled train wreck over here most days!

So, onto our first advent…It’s always very humbling to hear of others being inspired by what we do at Advent. Of course, we hope to inspire lots of people to take the time to love others, but we still catch our breath a little when someone tells us what it means to them to see us out doing our acts of service.

Last year, I was at the grocery store and had pretty much decided not to post our activities for advent. (I go through this struggle every single year!) When a young mom came up to me and began telling me what she was planning to do with her two young kids as a result of seeing the example of our family. Her thankfulness and plans of action were so endearing that our hearts just broke open with gratitude. And so, we posted again.

That same family walked in my door today with Advent goodies for us. To their surprise, we had a special Advent present already wrapped and ready for them as well! A little something to help them count their 24 days.

We are also starting off Advent by giving away one of our very favorite advent traditions, the Jacque Lawson Online Advent Calendar. The winners have been notified already and most of them have already fallen in love with the download! We will think of them as we  check our seaside village each day! (HINT: This would be an awesome, inexpensive and wonderful way to get your Advent giving going. You simply need an address to send this gift!)

We plan to do more giveaways to our blog subscribers during the month of December. So, don’t miss out. Head over to and subscribe today. We will even have some “blog only” posts.

So, cheers to Advent, giving circles, grace and the chance to face the challenge of serving and loving others amongst a very hectic and exhausting schedule. We hope you’ll join us each day for a variety of loving service to others.

Love God And Whoever He Puts In Front Of You

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