A saw a strange post on Facebook Marketplace. A family was selling off all their Longaberger baskets in a lot for an OBO of “We are desperate”. I contacted them about purchasing one of the baskets and found out the need was great indeed. The family was losing their home and didn’t have money for food, let alone Christmas.

The husband had recently had a full knee replacement, which had laid off work for recovery. The wife was working, but it just wasn’t enough. The wife’s brother had recently passed away and her mom had moved to North Carolina, taking their support system with her. It was desperate times indeed.

I couldn’t offer what they hoped for, but I offered all I could. They responded with a question, “Could we take your offer and keep one of the baskets? It was my mother-in-law’s favorite and holds a lot of sentimental value.” I hesitated because it was one of my favorites. When I asked to think it over, they responded with a quick, “It’s okay, we’ll take the offer including the basket. We need dinner for our family tonight.”

So, I talked the girls about it and we formulated a plan.

We drove the hour to Columbus to meet them. They were waiting in their worn down Crown Victoria with a trunk full of baskets. They handed me the wooden lid basket and said, “It’s full of cookie cutters, we just went ahead and gave them to you too.” We pulled a switch and filled that basket up with presents. It was full of things for everyone in the family, grown-ups and kids alike!

When we said, “We have something to give you guys”, they weren’t sure what to think. I pulled out the favorite basket full of gifts and they broke down and cried. I received a seriously big hug, as did the girls. “You’ve made our Christmas!” Through lots of tears, we heard about how hard life has been, full of loss and struggle. We listened and responded with compassion and prayer.

On our drive home, I asked the girls what they thought about that experience. Some of the responses were, “It was hard to see people struggling that hard. I really hated it for them.”, “I’m glad we did that, it really helped them.” and “That was great.”

Nobody escapes trials and struggle in this life….

Love God & Whoever He Puts In Front Of You

***I don’t need all these baskets! I’m auctioning them off in the comments sections of my Malissa Waterford facebook page. All the proceeds will go to the Lummi Bible Camp. Each basket will be photographed individually. A starting bid will be put in the comments. Simply place your bid on each photo. The highest bidder at the end of the weekend is the winner! ***

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