Massage Goddess

I’m about to let you in on the greatest R&R tip of all time, Barbara Lehr. This amazing massage therapist-doula-mentor-herbal apothecary owner-grammar mastermind-college professor is all that and more. Her massages are not only deeply relaxing, but the health advice is unmatched. And the best part….

She comes to your house!

That’s right, a 60-minute massage in the privacy of your own home! It will be the best massage you’ve ever had too.

Barbara has a special of buy three 60-minute massages and one get one free for $150. I used the last of my package today. (Top of my wish list! Contribute now! Kidding! #notkidding)

She also has a December-only special where you can purchase a once a month massage for $400! That’s twelve 1-hour massages for $33 each! What! 

Here’s the truth, Barbara is one of the smartest and most caring people I’ve ever known. To be her friend is to be blessed; we all agree. The raw honesty, her ability to call truth out with an amazing amount of love and knowing that no matter where you are in life, you will be met with total grace.  She is not wealthy. Yet, she is one of the most generous people I know.

Her Friday’s are spent teaching free fermentation classes at Mother Hubbards Cupboard. A place where she has found a common compassion, amongst the workers, to truly step into people’s lives in real and tangible ways. Her passion for health, love of others and gourmet apothecary have proven her a real representation of the heart of the Hub.

My kids love Ms. Barbara and so do I. We were so thankful to give her an Advent gift of appreciation, not only for giving the best massages, but for just being herself. Our lives and many lives are so much better because she is in it.

Barbara, Thank you for being you and encouraging the best versions of the world around you to step forward.

Love God & Whoever He Puts In Front Of You

To book your massage package contact Barbara at or find her on facebook at Barbara Lehr.

Check out more photos and posts at

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