Flags Unfurled 

I am deeply patriotic. My dad retired as a US Navy commander when I was five. I remember lots of people at his retirement ceremony. A hundred sailors who’s only goal that day was to make me giggle. 

We grew up with the utmost respect for the flag. It not only represents our great nation, but the great sacrifice that many give, even this very day, to keep it safe and free. 

Spending the first five years of my marriage with Jason in the Navy only deepend my love and respect of service men and women and their families. It’s little pay for long days and many missed holidays and months/years with their families.

So, thank you to all branches of the US military. Thank you for your day in and day out service. We’re always thankful for the opportunity to cross paths with you.

Love God & Whoever He Puts In Front Of You 

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One thought on “Flags Unfurled 

  1. Thank you for remembering those special, very important people. As my daughter’s fiancé is a member of the Army and now at Ft. Benning for the next 9 months, this means a lot to us. Him being so far away at this time of the year AND during wedding planning is hard. But he’s in good hands – God is taking good care of him. Special blessings to you and your sweet family. I’m so blessed by your posts and blogs of advent. Merry Christmas! Oh! And thank you SO MUCH for the lovely advent calendar. What a great surprise!


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