Bang Bang Bangs!

The Waterford ladies usually get their haircut only twice a year, but when the day is today, it’s exciting! I usually take the girls one at a time and make a special date out of it, but they were all overdue. The salon ran a special and we jumped on it! Yah! Haircuts all around!

 We filled some fun mugs with chocolates and a caramel macchiato candy cane and headed to Mar Don Salon on Kirkwood. We have seen Miss Valerie for years and love her so! Lots of people love her, so we double booked with a new stylist, Sandi. They are both amazing and we highly recommend them!! 

The girls all decided on getting bangs. For years, Ella called them fangs. So, we’ve spent the rest of the day commenting on how nice how each other’s fangs look.

What a blessing it is to have some R&R amongst a busy season of life and a busy time of year! Those complimentary facials are awesome! In fact, the girls looked so nice when they were all done, we couldn’t just go home! I surprised them with a lunch-out treat at the Bloomington Sandwich Co.!

Thank you, Valerie and Sandi, for making my girls feel cared for, special and beautiful today. I really appreciate you both!

Love God & Whoever He Puts In Front Of You


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