As You Go

We like the city on occasion. It’s full of its own kind of special magic. Indianapolis holds some real treasures like the world’s largest Children’s Museum and our family favorite, REI!

Going to the museum in the middle of the week in the middle of the day means one thing: lots of toddlers! Those were such wonderful years with my girls. It’s so fun to watch all these young moms with their little ones!

We decided it might a good idea to hand out candy canes on their way out. So, we walked around the atrium greeting these sweet families until our plunder was gone. What fun!!

As an amazing bonus, one of my dear friends showed up at the museum! The kids played and we visited! It was such a joy to deepen those friendships.

We had to leave to finish our advent shopping, but got the text later, “You guys want to meet for dinner at 6?”

Yes, please!

So we headed to Public Greens, my all time favorite restaurant! The kids were too loud and Johanna and I talked and talked. It was so wonderful!

We drove home through the heart of the city to see the Meridian houses and Circle Christmas lights. The Girls and I visited the rest of the way home. It was a blessing of a day!

Grab some little treats! Head out!

Love God & Whoever He Puts In Front Of You

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