This fall I went to the doctor after spending many months the last 2 years doing therapy for a hip and neck injury. The hip pain became intermittent, but the neck pain remained. I was limited on physical activity for a long time. My thyroid was also keeping me weight loss resistant. Despite months of near perfect eating, I wouldn’t give up an ounce of weight. In September I made a quick decision to join a 10-week Kickboxing program. I had a couple of friends who had done it and loved it! I had kickboxed when Jason was in the Navy and loved it then, but that was 20 years ago!

Turns out, I still love it.

A few weeks into the class, which was unbelievably hard, my friend was having a last pool day! We hit the 80’s in October and we celebrated with an autumn swim. Instead of sitting poolside fully dressed, I suited up and jumped in! Not because I looked any better in a swimsuit, but this class was teaching me to overcome hard things. The results were hours of laughter, fun and memories with my kids and friends!

As the weeks rolled on, I noticed I could hike and climb the fire tower at HNF without being winded. I was stronger and I could tell! I wasn’t grumpy because I was tired. Instead, I was full of life and enjoying the family time!

I also noticed my hip and neck pain improving drastically despite the level of physical activity day after day! (I think moving was the answer all along!)

Last week marked the end of our class session. It’s hard work, but I just kept showing up. In fact, I never missed a class! 60 classes later, I’ve lost a measly 1 pound (damn thyroid) and many inches, but I’ve gained great habits and even made some friends!

This morning, I woke the girls at 6:00a.m. and we took a basket of workout treats to the gym. We caught the class before mine as they left and then they watched me kickbox on “Fun Friday” and handed out bars to my class.

I can’t say enough about Farrell’s. It’s a come as you and prepare to work hard kind of gym. Everyone is encouraging because the owners Pam and Teresa set that standard well.

Come join me there! Another 10-week session starts in mid-January! In fact, there will be a booth set up today from 10-6 at the College Mall, in front of Dicks Sporting Goods, for sign ups! (Tell them I sent you and they will give you a friends and family discount of up to $150!) You’ll get 10 weeks of classes, a personal coach, meal logs, all your boxing gear, an encouraging community and the chance to overcome hard things!

Thank you FXB Bloomington for helping me hit level 10 every day. You guys are the best!

Love God & Whoever He Puts In Front Of You

*For pictures of some amazing people and the before and after of my sessions $1,000 winner, go to our website at

The girls with Joe, my sessions $1000 winner!

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