We made some big changes in our homeschooling this year. Stepping away from Classical Conversations after 7 years was a big deal for us. We loved those years, but we are right where we should be. One thing we added was a new co-op. What a blast we have had this semester! We do 5 subjects together and call ourselves the High-Five Co-op. I teach science every week and we rotate history and CC review. Another mom teaches Spanish, one does literature. We also got to take some amazing field trips!

This semester we did marine biology. It involved a lot of dissections. It was challenging for a few of the kids, but they all had great attitudes and learned a lot.

So, for our Christmas party week, We found the perfect gift for our co-op! The kids didn’t know what to think when I told them we had 1 last dissection. A couple of months ago we found a place in Asia that inserts a piece of sand into the oyster and then they wait for a pearl to develop. I ordered enough for our group and waited the 6-8 weeks for them to arrive.

The dissection was the best yet! They all, moms included, got their oyster and started dissecting! The room filled with shouts and cheers as pearls were found!

We did a Mexican piñata for our Spanish strand! Literature brought a yummy warm Farmer Boy treat from days of old. History had us in Celtic knots as we saw the Roman Empire and our semester come to an end.

These people have made our lives so full of joy and continued our love of learning. They are rare finds, like precious pearls.

Love God & Whoever He Puts In Front Of You

See more photos at http://www.whoeversinfrontofyou.com

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