Today was a triple Advent day.  I took the girls on a day getaway to West Baden. One of our crew was needing a little restoration and beauty has a way of helping that along.

We decided to have a snack which turned into a meal. Our waitress was new and pretty vocal about her life. It seems she had a pretty difficult life as an adopted kid. Her first daughter was born just a month ago. She was working to help her husband make ends meet.

And that was before the entree arrived.

The girls and I had been discussing what it is to have peace, real peace. The kind the rises above your circumstances. The kind that allows you to love whoever is in front of you. Now, I had the chance to live by example.

I kindly asked little questions to the waitress and listened to her responses. Any encouragement given to her seemed to really lighten her load. The image bearer before us came to life. She wasn’t simply a novice waitress, but a real person living a real life with her own soul and struggles. She became worthy of love because she was seen and we all could use some more of that in our worlds.

We enjoyed our day out. Lots of beautiful conversations transpired and refreshment came to those who needed it most.

As for the waitress, she received a tip that said you’re more valuable than your skill set, your more valuable than your hardships tell you and you have been seen and loved. Merry Christmas.

Love God & Whoever He Puts In Front Of You

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