Beauty Reveals Kindness 

Good and thoughtful gifts are my love language. They really mean something to me. Most of my extended family could care less about gifts. It changes part of Christmas for me in the giving and the receiving. I wrap up something that I think matters, something that says, “I thought of you, I paid attention, I know you.” I’m truly handing you “I love you” tied up with a ribbon.

Oftentimes, gifts are cast aside or shrugged off. It’s hard to send messages of love that go uncared for.

Every now and then, I’ll receive a gift that jolts me full of love. A piano students mom got me this bracelet and I cried tears of thanksgiving when I opened it. Her words that followed the gift were humbling and life giving. It’s one of my prized possessions because it reminds me that kindness is worth it. 

I’ve got a sweet one at home that’s not feeling 100%. She burnt her tongue badly late last night and it’s made eating today hard. 

I had to run an errand, so I picked her up a frosty. At the drive thru I had an internal battle moment. I paid for the frosty and waited to move forward, but I kept feeling the prompting to pay for the car behind me. Finally, I relented and got the cashiers attention. I paid for the car behind me. When I finally pulled forward, she paid for the car behind her.

Because oftentimes, kindness reveals beauty.

I believe that our kindness changes things. The person who receives the kindness is changed, even in a small way. That trajectory continues on and on and on.

So be kind, give good gifts and Love God & Whoever He Puts In Front Of You 

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