Just Like Her

I discovered quite the treasure while purging the house this week. I found two of my great-grandmother’s Bibles. I gently put them on my lap and opened them to find a trove of mementos, hand scribblings, and history.

My beloved Mamaw would always act surprised when I reminded her that I had never met her mother, Nellie. “You’re so much like her.” She would affectionately tell me. I’ve always held this remark as my greatest compliment.

Nellie was an extraordinary woman of faith. She loved her family, friends, and strangers fiercely. She was an amazing cook who made the family a gigantic breakfast every morning. Out behind the house was the coal shed, which she would clean out and turn into a playhouse for her 7 children in the summer. During the day, she would bring them little play meals (modern day snacks). My mamaw always marveled at how her mom did all that she did.

I own the chair that she would rock my dad in when he was a youngster. She would read from these very Bible’s to him in hopes of laying a foundation of love for God and his Word.

The alley behind the house, where my Mamaw lived, the house I loved to visit most until she died, there used to be a railway. This would bring drifters to the back door in search of a hot meal and a little encouragement. Nellie was always at the ready to offer both freely. My Mamaw kept this quality and could always put together a meal at a moments notice.

Caddy-corner from the front of the house was a tavern. The legend goes that my Great-Grandmother would sit on the back porch with the tavern in eye shot and pray for hours for every soul that entered and exited the bar. It wasn’t the sin that concerned her as much as the heart state of the sinner.

Nellie was small in form but grand in love. A genuine example and heritage that I hope to embrace and pass onto my children, grand children, and great-grandchildren.  What joy it shall bring to flip the pages that were so dear to this precious lady and read her thoughts on the Word that we both hold so dear.

Love God and Whoever He Puts In Front Of You


“Frances has 2 Billy Bob and Dickie”
That’s my Mamaw, my dad, and my uncle.


I found a Valentine that my great-uncle had given her when he was a child.


The oldest treasure I’ve found: 1902 postcard mailed to Nellie



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